Sumuduni Gems Behind the sence

Sumuduni Gems works with only the finest of gemstones and the most skilled of craftsmen. We strive to create stunning pieces that will continue to be worn, treasured and loved for generations to come. Today, we are offering our fans a look at what goes behind the scenes.

Step 01 Alloying/melting for 18k White gold

Alloying/melting for 18kt white gold Melting by using charcoal furnace.

Alloying melting for 18kt Hand made at sumuduni Gems
Second Step Rolling Metal

The second stage of the jewelry making process at Sumuduni Gems involves rolling the metal to suit to the structure of design.

The metal is passed through a rolling press several to achieve the right shape.

Sumuduni Gems hand made process
Step 3: Form the metal according the desing

The artisans at Sumuduni Gems form the metal according to the design to assemble each of the intricate pieces..

The artisans at Sumuduni Gems
The artisans at Sumuduni Gems
Step 04 .Filing/shaping the assembled piece

Once the jewelry parts are fully assembled, they are subjected to filing and forming, during which the edges and corners of the completed jewelry are polished using different types of files.
Components of the jewelry being made are then arranged or joined together by soldering in order to finish the outline/design.

/shaping the assembled piece
Behind thesence of sumuduni gems
Step 05:initially, the cavity/stone case is prepared according to sizes of the stones.

Initially, the cavity/stone case is prepared according to sizes of the stones. Once this is completed, the next process is stone setting.

The skilled craftsmen at Sumuduni Gems then insert/mount precious or semi-precious stones in the jewelry to create one of a kind pieces for our valued customers.

Initially, the cavitystone case Hand made at Sumuduni Gems
Step 06 polishing and plating.

Once the stones have been set, the completed jewelry piece undergoes polishing and plating. The jewelry is dunked in a plating solution to prevent corrosion and improve durability.

polishing engagement rings at sumuduni gems
improve durability of engagement rings at sumuduni Gems

As you well know, today’s market is saturated with mediocre, uninspired, assembly-line wedding jewelry.
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