Handmade Jewelry By Sumuduni Gems

Here are some custom made sapphire jewelry by Sumuduni Gems. We hope you will enjoy the story behind every piece of jewelry that we made and yes they all are unique and made with lot of love and the care. We hope you can trust Sumuduni Gems as your jeweler.IF you have any kind of custom jewelry need please let us know. We are happy to help and will do our best.

2 Carat Natural White Sapphire Diamond Ring 18k White Gold

Natural White Sapphire Dimond Ring Handmade by Sumuduni Gems. Center Stone natural unheated directly from Ceylon mines this ring handcraft with 18k white gold. Micro pave diamonds setting brings an extra elegant for this beautiful ring. This is a perfect diamond alternative ring and you can make a ring like this under $2000.

White sapphire Engagement Ring 2 ct


2 Natural Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring Princess Diana Ring

Princess Diana Ring

Natural Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring Handmade with 22k Yellow Gold. This beautiful ring handmade by Sumuduni Gems for a Client lives in the United Kingdom. She was very happy with the quality of the blue sapphire and the craftsmanship. That main stone had a very good luster and clarity. This ring is perfect as an anniversary ring or birthday gift . If you love this kind of ring please visit here.

03 Natural Handmade Blue Sapphire Cushion Cut Handmade 18k White Gold

Sumuduni Gems blue sapphire diamond engagement ring

Natural Blue Sapphire Ring Handmade With 18k White Gold. This Blue Sapphire Was 1.55 ct and very good luster and clarity. This Sapphire ring was made to one of our Singapore clients. And she was very happy with the final product. If you like a ring like this please let us know.

04 Padparadscha Sapphire Rings and Spinel Ring Handmade

These beautiful three rings request by a Japanese client,We choose best quality sapphires for her budget and handcraft these beauties.22k yellow gold ring features Natural Ceylon Spinel gemstone wight 1.54 ct and middle padparadscha ring features natural 1.6ct Padparadscha gemstone an oval padparadscha sapphire ring features a beautiful 1.25ct Padparadscha sapphire gemstone. She ordered this jewelry for her family members.

05 Natural Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring in Round Shape White Gold 18K

Round blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

This beautiful natural blue sapphire diamond ring was made to our USA client when she contact us she said she lost her sapphire ring and want to design a ring exactly like her previous one.So we start to find a gem exactly look like her. Finally, we found a perfect natural blue sapphire gemstone weight 1.3ct and we made this beautiful sapphire diamond ring from that sapphire. Finally, she said it’s so beautiful than her previous ring  . That’s the happiness expect from our client, not the money.

06 Perfect True Color Padparadscha Sapphire Ring Handmade in Rose Gold

Natural PAdparadscha sapphire ringThis ring was very special for us because of this Padparadscha sapphire Ring requested by a Sri Lankan client who lives in the USA. When he contacted us he sends an image and asks to find a padparadscha sapphire like this and he requested to make a ring exactly like that ting in the picture. And yes we made it and they were very happy with the ring and sent an image of there engagement. We were very happy to see that lovely pic and hope everyone will love it.

07 Pink Sapphire Yellow Gold Ring Like Princess Diana Ring

Pink sapphire ring yellow gold

This was a very unique ring, This pink sapphire ring handcrafted for a UK client, She wants ring-like Princess Diana ring, But she requested a pink sapphire and a barrel setting for the ring.So we made the ring she request from us and yes she never expected a ring like this and she was very happy with the ring and the service.IF you like a similar ring please let us know.

08 Natural Red Garnet Bracelet 18k Yellow Gold

Garnet Bracelet 18k yellow gold

This beautiful garnet bracelet made with 18k yellow gold and it features a natural diamond at the end .This one also made to a Japanese client and they ordered many pieces of jewelry after this bracelet.

09 Natural Blue Sapphire Earrings with 18k White Gold.

Natural Blue Sapphire Ring

These simple but unique sapphire earrings made for our very close client in United kingdom , When he travel in Sri Lanka he bought a blue sapphire ring for his wife and then they want to design matching earrings for the ring.So then we made this beautiful sapphire earring and then they were our regular client.

10 Vintage Style Natural White Sapphire Engagement Ring

Vintage White Sapphire Ring

A perfect vintage style white sapphire ring handmade with 18k white gold ad diamonds. This ring was made as an engagement ring for a USA client and white sapphire was excellent clarity and sparks. If you love rings like this please contact us for the quotation.