Who is Sumuduni Gems

SUMUDUNI GEMS stems from this felicitous premises with an intention of sharing the luxuriant gems naturally endowed to the Sri Lankans with all over the world.

It is the point of reference for the superb quality, genuine gem stones and for the innovative craftsmanship, especially for sapphire engagement rings.Read about Sumuduni Gems

Where is your jewelry made?

All of our jewelry is handcrafted in the Sri Lanka Previesly known as Ceylon.

Want to see how your ring is made 


What does ct (carat) means

In regards to diamonds and colored gemstones, Carat (ct) is the weight measurement. 1 carat = 200 milligrams. Gemstones and diamonds are priced by carat weight.

Since naturally occurring larger stones are rarer than smaller stones and often more desirable. The price per carat tends to increase as size of the stone increases. Which results an  exponential increase in the overall prices of stones as you go up in size.

NOTE: The various types of gemstones have different masses. So an one carat diamond does not necessarily have the same dimensions as an one carat sapphire.

Why 2 carats gemstones are thrice or more expensive than 1 carat gemstones of the same type and quality? Shouldn’t it only be twice as much?

Prices per carat grows exponentially for emeralds, gemstones and diamonds as its size increases. The larger the gemstone, the rarer it is, and often the more desirable it is.

How is the value of a gemstone determined?

Grading gemstones can sometimes be challenging, and quite subjective due to the wide spectrum of quality. Prices will be affected by the many variables such as color, clarity, weight, and cut. Furthermore, certain shapes will claim a higher price due to their higher demand and limited availability.

Grading clarity alone can be impressionistic. Also, there will be more tolerance on inclusions for type II gemstones (ie .sapphires) and type III gemstones (ie. Emeralds), which are rarely free of inclusions.

Are your sapphires treated?

All sapphires in Sumuduni Gems are of natural origin and have not been chemically treated to alter their natural beauty. Most of  the Sumuduni Gems sapphires are not heat-treated, some are heat treated which is an accepted industry standard. Heat treatment improves color, clarity, and overall appearance. No radiation, chemicals, or health risks are involved in this process.

Can i buy a loose sapphire?

Yes, we do offer loose sapphires for sale. Visit our colored gemstone gallery, or contact us at 1.800.691.0952 to inquire about our loose sapphire options. We visit Rathnapura (Gem city in Sri Lanka) frequently. So we can find you a gemstone of any colour or any size as your request. Please contact us.

we also have Etsy Shop you can see our white sapphire engagement rings here 

Are there any other sapphire options beyond what is shown on your site?

Yes, we carry a broad selection of sapphires in a variety of beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes. If there is a specific gem that you are interested, but not shown on our website, please contact us at +940779417198 or mail us. 

Do you offer alternative gemstones such as tourmaline, aquamarine, etc.?

We are offering a wide variety of gemstones, including aquamarines, amethysts, Spinal,and more. If you do not see the gemstone that you are interested in, please contact us for assistance.


Are your prices flexible?

We are offering an excellent service to the customer by providing our socially conscious jewelries at the lowest possible price. Generally, our prices are lower than the prices offered by many traditional jewelry retailers. Since we are based in Sri Lanka, we have the luxury of buying gemstones straight from the mine. So we are offering you a very Low price with amazing quality. As a result, we cannot offer any additional discounts.

What payment methods do you accept?

Sumuduni Gems accepts all major credit cards, bank wire payment, and PayPal. View our flexible payment options. Also we are giving 5% discount for bank wire transfers.


Who is your shipping carriers ?

Our products are shipped through FedEx and EMS to facilitate safe and fast deliveries. All the products are shipped with a tracking number.

How long to take to ship out coustom orders ?

In general, for non-customized products, i.e. gem stones and items which are displayed in our website (ready-to-ship) are shipped within 7 days whereas, customized items are shipped within 2 to 5 weeks.

Can i return order ?

If for any reason  you are not completely  satisfied with the products you received, you can return it within 7 days in original condition along with the documents. For more details Please Read our Return policies ..


Why does it take so long to make/resize a ring etc?

It is not unusual for a jeweler to take a couple of weeks to complete an order for a specific piece of jewelry. Based on the jeweler’s popularity and workload, custom items can take even longer.

Rather than completing one job at a time, most jewelers will work on a batch of orders simultaneously to maintain a higher efficiency. As an example, all the casting work for the batch of orders will be done at the same time. All the finishing work for the batch will be done at the same time. All the stone setting for the batch will be done at the same time, and so on. Not to mention each of the stages will be done by specialized different craftspeople. It is not common knowledge, but it takes years for a goldsmith to master stone setting. Thus many goldsmiths actually don’t set their own stones. They will send their stones to be set by a master stone setter.


Also, to ensure fairness to customers, orders are addressed on a first-come, first-served basis. A jeweler could be having two weeks’ worth of work queued by the time a new order comes through.


As you can see the time required to create, maintain or repair fine jewelry depends on  so many factors. The schedule of each craftsman involved in the process also has to be considered on the time it takes.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is never wise to rush a piece of fine jewelry. Occasionally, there could be problems with the casting material or the stone setter may be having difficulty setting stones, etc. A masterpiece of jewelry requires a dedication of time and effort. So please be patient with the process and the craftspeople.


Can I take a ring to my local jeweler to have it resized?

Sumuduni Gems don’t recommend it. Any modifications made to your original piece by jewelers other than Sumuduni Gems  will void your warranty.

What happens if the ring I bought doesn't fit?

Sumuduni Gems offers any of our order one free resize within 90 days of delivery – you have to pay only shipping cost  . Resizing typically takes between 10 and 14 days.