General Guidelines

Sumuduni Gems  recommends wearing your jewelry in the morning and remove your jewellery  night before you go to bed.

The precious and semi-precious gemstones are at risk of losing their shine when exposed to oils, lotions, perfumes, detergents. So use your perfumes, lotions and hairspray before wearing your jewelry.

We recommend that you always take your jewelry before sports activities, cooking, dishes, swimming, bathing.

You should wear it carefully to avoid scratches, blows and marks on your jewelry. Your jewelry should not be exposed directly to hard materials that can damage metal or precious or semi-precious gemstones

Keep your best jewelry in a safe place, such as a jewelry box, travel clutch or the like. Try to keep your jewelry separate to avoid scratches. Do not place heavy items on or next to jewelry items, as this may damage your jewelry or cause them to drop out of shape.

Precious and semi-precious stones

All Sumuduni Gems pieces are colorful precious and semi-precious stones.

Precious stones are natural products. Impurities, defects and variations occur in individual stones. This is not the fault of the stone in any way, but the beautiful characteristic of a natural product. Two precious gemstones may share the color tone and shape, but they are never completely identical. So each precious stone is completely unique.

Precious and semi-precious gemstones are fragile products and they are easily scratched and exposed to chemicals. Therefore jewelery should be worn with caution and care, and your precious or semi-precious jewelry should be gently cleaned using only soft toothbrushes and clear water.

Gold Care

Sumuduni Gems uses only 14kt and 18kt gold. Gold is a very soft material – soft enough to be processed and molded. A patina of age and use in craft surfaces is natural and part of the natural beauty.

Can you wash your hands an shower, while wearing your jewellery?

Short answer; Oh no!

 Always take off when wash your hand . The soap will form a thin layer underneath the top of the jewelry and underneath the gemstones, making it quickly appear dull and tired. But this is not the only reason to avoid wearing your jewelry and washing your hands.Chemicals in soap can damage gemstones – and it can easily scratch gold.Instead you can use a hand sanitizer on your hands – which is completely harmless to your jewelry as long as it contains 60% alcohol or more.

Fine  Jewelry Cleaning:

It is not always possible to bring your jewelry to a jeweler for professional cleaning. But you don’t need a special jewelry cleaner to clean your jewelry at home.

The easiest and best way to clean your jewelry for yourself is to include some basic household items:

– A mild dish soap (choose one with natural ingredients)

– Moderate hot water

– A soft toothbrush (preferably a toothbrush for children with very soft bristles)

– Soft, clean microfiber fabric


Do not use any household products containing abrasive products (such as soda, powder cleaners or toothpaste), household products containing chlorine or other chemicals, household products containing acetone or acids (such as lime).

How to Clean Your Fine Jewelry:

Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of soft dish soap. Soak your best jewelry in water for 20-40 minutes. Gently rub the gemstones with the soft toothbrush and under the gemstones. Rinse with warm water. Dry the microfiber cloth.

Be extra careful with White Gold Jewelry because excessive brushing of the metal can damage the rhodium finish.