Design Your Own Engagement Ring Lowest Price Guarantee. 

The engagement ring is undoubtedly the most precious things in your entire life because you are going to impress your loving person with this thing. So it is great pressure how to design your engagement ring and where to find the designers. Also, a question may bug in your head that should I buy a ready made one which suit or should I order according to my own. Here is a complete guideline to create your own ring where you will be informed about how you can design your engagement ring which you have a luxurious outfit but not an over reachable price.

 Some Basic Process to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Design your own engagement ring Sumuduni Gems

Selecting a Well-Polished Diamond Or Gemstone

First of all, when you wish to create your own ring you should keep in mind to choose a well-polished diamond or gemstone for the first step. As engagement rings need to be brighter as should have an extended life period so if you don’t wash the diamond properly, there can seem many spots after being ready for sell. For that reason, all your money can go in vein. Thus process to create your own engagement ring will be total wastage.

Create your own engagement ring with sapphire

Select the Shape and the Size of the Ring

It is also very vital to choose the shape and the size of the ring. Take the accurate measurement of your finger otherwise; the diamond ring will be of no use. As engagement ring is wearied in ring finger so take the perfect accuracy of the ring finger and order thereby. And it is round and tight to the finger so that it can move little roughly while in the finger but doesn’t fall from your finger.

create your white gold diamond engagement ring

Design of the Entire Body

Creating your own ring also includes designing the whole body after selecting the shape, and the size for that the diamond that needs to be placed at the top of the setting of the ring will have a beautiful outlook.

Quality of Finishing

Lastly, when you finished every selecting you to need to combine them together very smoothly and with skilled hands. Quality finishing is paramount. Otherwise, the diamond that you put on the top of the setting may fall. After finishing all that you just need extra burnish for extra gorgeousness.

Hand made engagement rings

Looking For Experts to Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

If you wish to create your own ring which is full diamond/Gemstone  work, then remember that it is not only exorbitant but also requires highly experienced and skilled workers to fulfill your purpose. But don’t get tensed. If you are willing to design your engagement ring, then you are very welcome to send us a photo. We are Sumuduni Gems ensure you the best quality products with outstanding services. All our products made in Sri Lanka and all are handcrafts.We will not only provide the best quality services but also will send you a quote after you send your designs. You are highly recommendable to take our facility to create your own engagement ring and get the best output from us.unique sapphire engagement rings