Extremely Rare Padparadscha Sapphire Certified Oval 1.75 ct


High Quality Certified Padparadscha Sapphire For your Engagement ring. Natural oval cut padparadscha sapphire gemstone.This padparadscha stone has a perfect cut and the color . Rough stone was 4.8 carats we manage to cut this beautiful one of a kind weight 1.75 carats . This is natural unheated gemstone directly from Sri Lanka. Buy your padparadscha stone from its source.

Sri Lanka padparadscha Sapphire are very rare .And the unheated stones are even more rare .And this kind of color padparadscha stones are extremely rare and this is a collectible piece. And a great investment.

▹ Perfect and very rare color Padparadscha .Most are pink base this is well balanced stone.
▹Perfect oval cut no window or opens.
▹Comes with 3rd party gem authentification Certificate
▹Extremely Rare Padparadscha Stone
▹This is really one of a kind gemstone very hard to find

This is a very rare gemstone in perfect color and cut.Its super beautiful and sparks.

Rally cant capture this beauty from a photo. A perfect rare stone for a engagement ring .

Gemstone Details

Cut : Oval cut

Wight : 1.75Cts

Dimensions: 6.80*5.38*5.34mm

Clarity: SI

*Custom ring and jewelry options available for this stone, please contact us with any custom requests.