5 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Buying an engagement ring is a significant investment. Traditionally the groom is expected to budget between 2 and 3 month’s salary on this purchase, and it therefore qualifies as one of the top five most stressful purchases you will make in your lifetime.If you buying an engagement ring online ,it will be more stressful .

buying engagement ring online

However, the prevalence and emergence of online retailers is genuinely changing this equation, and bringing high quality jewellery into an affordable realm. This means that an informed buyer can get far more value from their budget via an online retailer like sumudunigems.com than they can from traditional jewellery stores.

The extra value you get out of an online retailer can be offset slightly by the perceived risks of dealing with such an important purchase somewhat remotely. The key to protecting your purchase decision then, is to follow this simple guide to managing the risks of buying jewellery online.

01 Reputation and Transparency

Reputation and transparency in an online retailer of any product are close to the same thing. A reputable retailer will be transparent about their processes, their ownership, and your experience. You will be able to find customer reviews easily, both on their website, and via independent review sites. You should read these reviews, judge them for bias, and compare them to reviews written about their competitors.

A reputable jeweller particularly wants an educated client, so there will be information available about their product, their processes, and their expertise. The information on the site will be clear, balanced, easy to find and helpful. It will help you make a decision about buying, and not just about buying their product. Sumuduni gems Reviews at Etsy Market Place 

Sumudunigems.com produces a regular newsletter that describes new products being developed by the company, but also provides information on the family business, the history of gemstones in Sri Lanka and changing market trends.

Here is the story of a husband who bought the engagement ring online.

sumuduni gems reviews
A review from ETSY that Sumuduni Gems Received by a Singapore Client

02 Accessibility and Location

The website should clearly describe the location of the business, and the different ways you can get in touch with them. Do they have a Facebook page? Can you email them directly? Is there a toll-free number you can use to contact them?

Sumudunigems.com is based in Sri Lanka where they are focused on the customer experience. They have a direct email access that is constantly monitored by employees of the company and the business operates with the objective of responding to email correspondence as soon as possible, taking into account changing time zones.

03 Price and Value

If you have researched your purchase properly, you will have a good idea of the price you would expect to pay for a unique engagement ring. You should be willing to compare the price the online retailer is offering with similar products from different companies, in different parts of the world. After that you need to understand the value that stands behind your intended purchase.

How does the retailer source their materials? How should this effect the price, and more importantly, how does this effect the value of the ring? Price and value may appear to be similar concepts, but have no doubt that are very different things. Price is simply what you pay for something, while value is what it is worth – to you.

Sumudunigems.com source their gemstones ethically from mines in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, with the minimal possible environmental impact. The rings themselves are designed and crafted by Suranga Amarasekara, a master craftsman who is personally involved in the selection of gemstones from the Ratnapura mines. This end to end involvement in the design and manufacture of your engagement ring ensures that each ring is genuine, and fundamentally unique. It is a process that is unheard of in modern, mass-market jewellery design.Natural blue sapphire engagement rings

04 After-sales Certainty

Once you have made your purchase, and the ring has been shipped to you, how certain are you of your rights around warranty, returns and resizing. If the retailer you are visiting has vague wording around its warranty and returns policy, or is leaving you to assume certain consumer rights based on your country of origin, then you could potentially find yourself in an unpleasant position if the ring does not ship well, or you leave it too long to contact the company about an issue once the ring arrives.

Sumudunigems.com clearly state the terms of their warranties, which parts of the ring are covered, and what you should do immediately upon receiving the ring to preserve your rights. They also clearly state that if you modify the ring after receiving it, you run the risk of voiding your warranty.

It is very important that the purchaser fully understands the terms and conditions of the arrangement they are entering, and that they are made to understand these terms as early in the process as possible. If this information is difficult to find on the website you are visiting, you should carefully think about whether that is where you want to make your investment.


05 Repairs and Resizing

Does the retailer offer repair and resizing services? Are the terms for these services clear and transparent? Many newly-engaged couples will wait several months before arranging for their ring to be re-sized, running the risk of losing the item, or simply not enjoying wearing it.

Sumudunigems.com offer free re-sizing within 90 days of delivery, which creates the urgency to get the work done and allow your fiancé to start wearing the ring comfortably. They also clearly spell out the types of repairs they will conduct under warranty, and those that they won’t, and what you should do to avoid an unpleasant experience.

By being open and transparent around their processes, sumudunigems.com aim to create confidence in the purchaser.

06 Shipping and Documentation

Are there clear commitments around delivery timeframes, and does the company partner with a reputable courier? Will the ring ship with a reputable certificate of authenticity? If you are intending to make a significant purchase online, it is imperative that you are confident the item will be delivered (sumudunigems.com partner with FedEx in this regard), and that you are getting a genuine item (in this regard sumudunigems.com partner with the National Gem and Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka).

Buying an engagement ring is a stressful experience, emotionally as well as financially, and making that purchase online can add to the uncertainty. However, by considering the factors outlined above, and carefully selecting the online retailer, you are able to eliminate most of the risks and stress associated with this purchase, so you can simply move to enjoying the beautiful, hand-crafted ring you have selected.