The Secret Way to Find Her Ring Size

You’ve found the girl of your dreams. She’s everything you didn’t know you were missing in your life, and it’s time to ask The Question. You find a moment alone with her father, and let him know your intentions, look him in the eye and ask for his Daughter’s hand. He stares you down – for a long time – but eventually smiles and you realise you haven’t been breathing for the last 2 to find her ring size

You’ve picked out the ring. In fact, she picked out the ring, you just saw her staring at it on the Sumuduni Gems website. That’s not important.  You have it, that’s what counts, and you know she’s going to love it.

You’ve taken her out to dinner, and sometime between the Main and Desserts you stand up, walk around the table, reach into your pocket as you drop to one knee. The restaurant goes silent around you, but you can’t hear them anyway because all you can hear is your own heartbeat. You take the ring, the perfect engagement ring, out of your pocket. You can’t speak, can barely breathe. She doesn’t speak either, just offers you her hand, and you slip the ring onto her finger.

And it doesn’t fit.

It’s too tight, or too loose, or too big or – it doesn’t matter what’s wrong with it. It doesn’t fit, and the night that should have been perfect is now – just – not.

And that’s when you decide that the perfect engagement ring is not perfect if it’s not the right size.

So how do you find out what size ring she wears, without letting her know what you’re up to? Here are some tips:

Ask her Mother, or Best Friend

If you’ve been together for a long time, you’re going to know both of these people and they are not going to be surprised you’ve come to them for this assistance. They are going to be totally on board with a little cloak and dagger for a good cause. And this is the best cause. Also, you can trust these people to keep your secret, because they are going to be as excited about this as you are. They will either already know what size she is, or be willing to get that information without letting the cat out of the bag. Maybe she admires her Mother’s ring, and tries it on occasionally? Maybe her best friend is willing to take her jewellery shopping, try on some rings, bracelets, necklaces for fun? If she slips some rings into the mix it shouldn’t give too much away.

Ask from Her

This one is a gamble, but it can also be helpful by hiding your real question in plain sight. The idea is you tell her you are going to buy her a present, but you don’t want to give away what it is, so you ask her a dozen questions about what it might be. Ask from her

“What’s your shoe size?” “Who is your favourite author?” “What’s your favourite colour?” “What’s your least favourite style of clothes?” You get the point, and one of the questions is “What’s your ring size?”

Play the ‘How Well Do We Know Each Other’ Game

There are a thousand relationship quizzes on the internet. Find one and print it out, just make sure you have slipped your own question in there beforehand (it’s a good idea if the quiz has other ‘size’ questions so this one won’t stand out too much). Once again you run the risk that she just doesn’t know what her ring size is, but if you play it right it should work. And if it’s the only question she can’t answer, you can pretend it’s really playing on your mind. “I can’t believe you don’t know your own ring size. I thought everyone knew that.” The you just find some rings in the house to test on her until you find one that’s about right. You’ll obviously want to have some rings stashed around the house for this.

Take her shopping Method 1

This is a bit of a variation on the first option, but has the added benefit of keeping the secret entirely to yourself. You take her out to lunch in a café somewhere that you know is surrounded by nice jewellery stores.

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They can be antique stores, or maybe fantasy jewellery. If you’re clever you will tee it up with one of the sales reps ahead of time. Once you’ve finished lunch take her for a walk around the stores and try on a couple of rings yourself, maybe some watches. Give her a bracelet or a necklace to try on. Eventually you get to the appointed store, and the clever sales rep offers to size your girlfriend’s ring for you. “You never know when this one might decide to pop the question. It’ll be important to know then.” That will either work, and she will allow it to happen, or she’ll know her ring size, and blurt it out. “I already know I’m a 5.”

Take her shopping Method 2

You can actually buy her a ring, any kind of ring. A mood ring. A plastic toy ring that whistles when you blow into it. Some costume jewellery for a fancy-dress party. It doesn’t matter what type of ring, just as long as she tries it on and you can tell if it’s too big or too small. Then you take that ring to a jeweller and get it sized.


There’s a reason this is low on the list. It’s pretty unreliable. But you can do this a couple of ways. Hold her hand. Is her ring finger about the size of your little finger? Slightly bigger? Smaller? Go to a jeweller and tell them what you’re doing, and what you saw, and they’ll give you some good advice.

Buy ring online Just remember this simple fact about rings: It is easier to make them smaller than it is to make them larger, so if you have to guess, it’s better to be slightly too big than slightly too small.

There are lots of different ways to size your perfect girl’s finger, and some of them will work and some of them won’t but at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. If she really is the girl of your dreams, and if the night goes off the way you plan, then if that ring is a little loose on her finger, do you really think that’s going to make a difference?

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